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Fascinating esthetics unmatched.
  • Amazing chameleon effect provides in-vivo blending
  • Perfect balance of translucency and natural opalescence (natural vitality)
  • Natural-like opalescence reduces graying effect in the patient mouth
  • Excellent VITA shade matching
Strength to rely on.
  • Exceptional flexural strength >500 MPa for up to 3-unit anterior bridge-work and reliable results up to 2nd premolar
  • Excellent margin quality increase confidence in complex case designs
  • Exceptional flow properties (smaller microcrystals of ZLS)
Efficiency that pays off.
  • Familiar, but faster workflow = increased productivity
  • Low-viscosity material, excellent flow properties, only one sprue for 3-unit bridges
  • Fewer and easier working steps
  • Minimal reaction layer with usage of Celtra Press investment Fast and easy polishing
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Simplicity that matters.
  • Easy and accurate ingot selection - Few shades sufficient for high coverage rate
  • “Right shade” out of the ingot - minimizing any hue, value, chroma adjustments
  • Easy and reliable staining concept
  • Smart shade selection + simple stain system = 100% shade coverage

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